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About Us

Our story isn't a long one, but there is much more to come from us. We started life as broadband comparison website in 2006. The initial site compared just a handful of fixed line packages. As the site's popularity grew, so did the number of plans and with the advent of Mobile broadband, our product list grew to over 100 deals (due to consolidation in the marketplace this has since decreased).

Through time our client base started to change, we were no longer only dealing with computer savvy people who understand the world of broadband, every wanted to save money. In light of this we introduced a series of well regarded broadband guides to walk people through the process of comparing, choosing, switching, and getting the most out of their broadband packages.

In 2009 we introduced the web 2.0 concept which allowed site visitors to become interactive, as we believe listening to the opinions and experiences of others can be essential while choosing a broadband plan.

2010 arrived and we announced the arrival of our newest and most innovative program yet; With this new service we are allowing organisations to sign up and make use of our broadband comparison technology, providing them with a fantastic free tool to generate money for their cause. 2010 is going to be a big year, we have a further two more product launches in the pipeline.